Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catholic Cheat Sheet, Calanoa's second app, is made available for sale today.

This one is $00.99, ad-free, and contains reference information on beliefs, prayers and the Mass. "Take the essentials of your faith with you wherever you go".

Check it out (especially if you are [or were] Catholic :-) ) and give a review! We are looking for suggestions for additional content and improvements, so please feel free to provide feedback to info@calanoa.com.
Due to the popular demand of Easy Blackjack Cheat Sheet, we've made it AD FREE for $0.99. The Ad Free version 1.1 was just approved, and is available now from the Apple AppStore... Updates include a few minor updates to the mnemonic sections.

You have to click "Buy" on the new version to download, but THIS UPDATE IS FREE to everyone that downloaded the Free version (and that was a LOT of you! :) )

Click to get v1.1 of the EASY BLACKJACK CHEAT SHEET !!!